Natasha Keshmirian, professionally known as Nat Keza is a mellifluous lyricist full of musical passion, wild creativity, untouchable styles and colorful character.



Born in Connecticut 1986, the now American- singer and songwriter of Puerto Rican and Persian decent, discovered her niche as a child elevated by DJ’s, break dancers and flourishing artist of all genres and talents that surrounded her. She then found her way to Sarasota and Orlando FL, but didn’t stop there. Determined, Nat adventurously relocated to the fierce cities of New York, Miami and LA, influencing her natural artistic intelligence.


Now, with a nationwide rooted soul and experiences that will forever be the foundation of her upcoming success, she is constantly mashing up coast to coast styles that embody the beats of life.

With no shortage of achievements and entertaining videos, to arranging 2 of her albums in self made studios with at the time Trinidadian partner Yungn, Twin Flames ( 2017) Vulnerable (2018) , Nat positioned some fire that collected the attention of masses with hits  F.O.Y, Bailando, Déjà vu and Just us 2, along side of her first album Yeganeh with singles “One Bar Super Star” and “Murder Worthy”,  BO$$Y SEXXY mixtape, and singles Summertime,  Swanky, Flexin, Gold Money and Photoshoot. Her collective ability to fortuitously collaborate with artist has lead her to opening  shows for Bubba Sparxx, Beanie Sigal , multiple  fashion show cases  and now into Dj’ing.


All albums, mix tapes and videos, which were creatively directed by Nat Keza are available on your favorite digital platforms.

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